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better baking tips

for frozen ready-to-bake

   pies, pasties and sausage rolls

not all ovens behave the same. but with a little trial and error, you'll have perfect pies in no time.

ideally, a pie, pasty or sausage roll should take approx. 20mins at approx. 200ºc in a pre heated oven.

  • burnt pastry, filling warm inside? oven too hot. 

  • filling blown out? baking time too long causing filling to boil.

  • pie bottom not baked? ensure pie foil has excellent contact to pastry base before baking.

  • pie stuck to pie foil? always bake from frozen. defrosting product first releases caramelised sugars (especially with bone broth based pies) which can spread easily. sometimes oiling the foil prior to baking can help.

  • baking paper sticks to pasty/sausage roll resulting in uneven baked pastry? fan forced ovens can blow baking paper around sticking to a baking pasty so either use minimal baking paper or place multiple items on 'corners' of baking paper.

  • filling too runny? a freshly baked pie takes a little time post bake to set and settle a little. for best results, allow to cool for at least 10mins out of the oven, longer for family pies.

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